User Restrictions

Policies tab includes a list of 50+ policies allow you to configure Bluetooth, Status Bar, Settings, Camera etc.

You can configure the device policies by heading over to Device Profiles and choose Update Profile from context menu. You will be navigated to Edit Device Profile page where you can configure all the available settings.

User Restrictions

Below is the detail list of user restrictions that you can apply on any device:

User Restrictions

Disallow add account Whether adding new users and profiles is disabled

Disallow adjust volume Whether adjusting the master volume is disabled

Disallow config bluetooth

Whether configuring bluetooth is disabled

Disallow config cell broadcasts

Whether configuring cell broadcast is disabled

Disallow config mobile networks

Whether configuring mobile networks is disabled

Disallow config tethering

Whether configuring tethering and portable hotspots is disabled

Disallow config VPN

Whether configuring VPN is disabled

Disallow config Wi-Fi

Whether configuring Wi-Fi access points is disabled

Disallow create windows

Whether creating windows besides app windows is disabled

Disallow factory reset

Whether factory resetting from settings is disabled

Disallow fun

Whether the user is allowed to have fun. Controls whether the Easter egg game in Settings is disabled

Disallow install applications

Whether applications other than the ones configured in applications are blocked from being installed

Disallow modify accounts

Whether adding or removing accounts is disabled

Disallow mount physical media

Whether the user mounting physical external media is disabled

Disallow network reset

Whether resetting network settings is disabled

Disallow outgoing beam

Whether using NFC to beam data from apps is disabled

Disallow outgoing calls

Whether outgoing calls are disabled

Disallow remove account

Whether adding or removing accounts is disabled

Disallow safe boot

Whether rebooting the device into safe boot is disabled

Disallow set user icon

Whether changing the user icon is disabled

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