Kiosk Customizations

Choose whether you want to enable the kiosk mode on your profile. This will lockdown all devices into a specific set of applications which you define.

  • You can configure the kiosk wallpaper with an image hosted online. You can use to host images online for free.

  • You can configure the number of apps you want to display in one row

  • You can sets the behaviour of a device in kiosk mode when a user presses and holds (long-presses) the Power button.

  • You can specify whether system error dialogs for crashed or unresponsive apps are blocked in kiosk mode. When blocked, the system will force-stop the app as if the user chooses the "close app" option on the UI.

  • You can Specify which navigation features are enabled (e.g. Home, Overview buttons) in kiosk mode.

  • You can specify whether system info and notifications are disabled in kiosk mode.

  • You can Specify whether the Settings app is allowed in kiosk mode.

  • You can set the maximum time in milliseconds for user activity until the device locks. A value of 0 means there is no restriction.

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