How to fix common app installation issues

App deployment is seamless and easier on devices enrolled in the Android Enterprise program. However, due to various reasons, the app installation initiated from the CubiLock MDM portal might fail. This troubleshooting doc helps resolve the issues with app installation on Android Enterprise devices.

Installation of Play Store apps failed

The Install Application action is executed on the device for a particular Play Store app, but the app is not installed. The Applications tab under the device details also doesn't show the app and even after the action is initiated from the portal for a long time, the app installation is unsuccessful.

Probable reasons:

  • Google Play Services is suppressed or is outdated.

  • Google Play Services is required to install and update apps from Play Store. App installation might not work as expected if Play Services is not installed/updated on the device.


Remotely launch the Play Store app using the Remote App Launch action from the CubiLock portal. The Play Store and Play Services get updated automatically, and the action will re-initiate to push the app to the device.

Alternate solutions that can be performed from the device:

  1. Sometimes, the app installation will still be delayed on Android Enterprise – Profile Owner devices. In that case, open the Play Store app from the devices and check the Library section to verify if app installation has reached there. Click the app icon to open its details and click the update button.

  2. Clear the app data and cache for the Play Store application from the device settings. Navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage > Clear data. In the case of Android Enterprise – Profile Owner, choose the Play Store app from the Work Profile section under the device settings page.

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