Global Restrictions

Policies tab includes a list of 50+ policies allow you to configure Bluetooth, Status Bar, Settings, Camera etc.

You can configure the device policies by heading over to Device Profiles and choose Update Profile from context menu. You will be navigated to Edit Device Profile page where you can configure all the available settings.

Global Restrictions

Below is the detail list of global restrictions that you can apply on any device:

Global Restrictions

Disable camera

Whether all cameras on device are disabled

Disable screen capture Whether screen capture is disabled

Disable status bar Whether the status bar is disabled. This disables notifications, quick settings, and other screen overlays that allow escape from full-screen mode

Disable key-guard Whether the key-guard is disabled

Allow unknown sources Whether the user is allowed to enable the "Unknown Sources" setting, which allows installation of apps from unknown sources

Allow debugging features Whether the user is allowed to enable debugging features

Set auto time required Whether auto time is required, which prevents the user from manually setting the date and time

Set bluetooth off Whether bluetooth is disabled

Disallow data roaming Whether data roaming configurations are disabled. If enabled, the user can manually activate data roaming on the device

Enable USB mass storage Whether USB storage is enabled

Disabled uninstallation of applications Whether user uninstallation of applications is disabled

Disabled changing the wallpaper Whether changing the wallpaper is disabled

Disabled factory resetting from settings

Whether factory resetting from settings is disabled

Disabled bluetooth contact sharing

Whether bluetooth contact sharing is disabled

Disabled share location

Whether location sharing is disabled

Disabled sms

Whether sending and receiving SMS messages is disabled

Disabled unmute microphone Whether the microphone is muted and adjusting microphone volume is disabled

Enabled ensure verify apps Whether app verification is force-enabled

Enabled network escape hatch

Whether the network escape hatch is enabled

Enabled skip first use hints

Flag to skip hints on the first use. Enterprise admin can enable the system recommendation for apps to skip their user tutorial and other introductory hints on first start-up

Enabled private key selection

Allows showing UI on a device for a user to choose a private key alias if there are no matching rules in ChoosePrivateKeyRules. For devices below Android P, setting this may leave enterprise keys vulnerable

Disabled credentials Config

Whether configuring user credentials is disabled

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