CubiLock Guide

Welcome to the CubiLock user guide! Get familiar with the features and how they work

What is CubiLock?

CubiLock is an Enterprise Mobility Management solution that mitigates IT challenges in driving enterprise mobility for your business with easy device deployment, security & app distribution. CubiLock helps streamline everything you need for painless management of your devices.


  1. Enforce Passcode Policy Enforce strong password policies to protect critical company data stored on mobile devices.

  2. Factory Reset Protection Allow/block the specific Google Accounts that can be used to sign-in to the device if they are factory reset.

  3. Detect Compliance Violations Empower the IT admin to detect any compliance violations and take appropriate actions accordingly.

  4. Kiosk Mode IT admin can lock a device into Kiosk mode and prevent access to system settings or any other apps.

  5. Control Screen Capture Restrict your employees from taking Screenshots of Work Apps on their Personal Devices.

  6. Remote Wipe/Factory Reset Allow the IT admin to remote wipe/factory reset device to prevent data loss or theft.

  7. Administrator Activity Logs Get insights into the activities performed by admin on the CubiLock dashboard.

  8. Configure Wifi Settings Push WiFi settings, blocking device connection to unidentified networks.

  9. SafetyNet Attestation Perform Android device integrity, security, and compatibility check and assign policies accordingly.

  10. QR Code/URL based enrolment Create QR codes and URLs for specific device policies and send them to users over email. End-users can scan the QR code using the device camera or access the URL to enrol the devices.

  11. Application Management Select apps available on the Google Play Store. Push on Android devices. Configure, update or uninstall remotely.


If you need any help with the installation and set-up, reach out to support via email or call directly at +45 3615 3600

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