CubiLock NFC Application

CubiLock provides easier way to enrol devices using NFC. By using our NFC App on a primary device you can easily enrol additional devices by simply bumping devices together. Scan the QR code or head over to Play Store to download the app:

1. Onboarding process

The onboarding process allows our users to easily onboard our app. With clear instructions on how the NFC app works and how to use it, our onboarding process is just 3 steps long.

2. Loading Configurations

CubiLock NFC App allows users to scan QR code of profiles, use it as many times as they wish and edit as need be.
Initial Configurations Screen
Scan a QR Code
or Enter Configurations Manually
Edit WiFi Network Settings or Enrolment Token with easy to use interface

3. Bump and Enrol

Once you click on Start Enrolment, simply bring the devices close to each other, tap to beam and the enrolment will seamlessly begin.
Upon seeing this, bring the device closer to enrol
Tap the screen to send the configurations easily to the new device

4. Configuration Management

After you are done with enrolment, your configurations are saved for reuse. You can choose to edit them or delete them as you wish by simply swiping them and clicking on Edit or Delete icons respectively.
Configurations saved appear on home screen for reuse
Swipe on the configuration allows you to edit or delete
Once you confirm delete the configuration is removed