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How to Whitelist/Blacklist URLs With the Chrome App?

Some apps designed for enterprises include built-in settings called Managed Configurations that IT admins can configure remotely. For example, an app may have the option to only sync data when a device is connected to Wi-Fi. Providing IT admins the ability to specify managed configurations and apply them to devices is a requirement for all solution sets.

This article explains how to block or allow some specific URLs with the Chrome app, using its Managed Configuration.

To access the Chrome Managed Configuration:

From your CubiLock dashboard:

  1. Head over to the PlayStore Apps page, under Application Management

  2. Select Public Apps from iframe

  3. Search for the Chrome application, and select it for management

  4. Approve the app from its listing by clicking on Select button

  5. Add the app into Enterprise Apps by clicking on Add button

  6. You can also add this app directly into the Profile by specifying the Install Type and selecting Profiles you want to add this application to and hit Apply

  7. Head over to the Device Profile page

  8. From the context menu choose Update Profile, you will be navigated to Edit Device Profile page.

  9. In the Applications tab of your Profile, click on Configurations next to the Chrome app

To Block URLs

To block an URL or a list of URLs, locate the Block access to a list of URLs entry, using the search engine. Enter the list of URLs following this pattern:["","",""]

Note: if you want to block all URLs, enter this:["*"]

To Authorize URLs

If you want to only authorize URLs, locate the Allow access to a list of URLs, using the search engine. Enter the list of URLs following the same pattern as above:["",""]

Do not use wildcards * in the URL (except to blacklist everything), else it won’t work. For example, blocking all Facebook sites by specifying ["*"] won’t work. Simple use [""] instead.

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