Password Constraints

Password restrictions can be defined for your managed devices. These are the key-guard passwords that users need to enter because they can unlock a device.

In the Configuration tab of your profile, the different password quality policies are available:

  • Unspecified: There is no requirements for the password

  • Alphabetic: The password must contain alphabetic (or symbol) characters.

  • Alphanumeric: The password must contain both numeric and alphabetic (or symbol) characters

  • Complex: The password must meet the minimum requirements specified in passwordMinimumLength, passwordMinimumLetters, passwordMinimumSymbols, etc. For example, if passwordMinimumSymbols is 2, the password must contain at least two symbols.

  • Numeric: The password must contain numeric characters.

  • Numeric (Complex): The password must contain numeric characters with no repeating (4444) or ordered (1234, 4321, 2468) sequences.

  • Something: A password is required, but there are no restrictions on what the password must contain.

  • Biometric (Weak): The device must be secured with a low-security biometric recognition technology, at minimum. This includes technologies that can recognise the identity of an individual that are roughly equivalent to a 3-digit PIN (false detection is less than 1 in 1,000).

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