Set Default Permissions

CubiLock allows setting default permissions for app so that you have full control over app's permissions. Following permissions are supported:

  • Unspecified: Permission not specified by profile. If no permission is specified at any level, then the "Prompt" behavior is used by default.

  • Prompt: Prompts every permission to user and leaves it on user to grant or deny.

  • Grant: Force grants all permissions disallowing user to change them.

  • Deny: Force deny all permissions disallowing user to change them.

To Set Default Permissions:

From your CubiLock console:

  1. Head over to Device Profiles page.

  2. Click on the three dot menu next to profile you want to edit and click Update Profile to open it in edit mode.

  3. From the Default Permission drop down menu, select the default permission you want to specify to the application.

  4. Click Save and Confirm to apply changes.

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