How to fix device syncing issues?

Sometimes due to poor internet connection or any unforeseen situation, the device fails to communicate with the server results in un-synced changes. This guide will help you identify those issues and provide some solution(s) to fix them. These are as follows:

Profile changes are not getting applied to the device?

If you are changing something in your profile and its not getting applied on your device then follow the below mentioned steps:

From your CubiLock dashboard:

  1. Go to the Device List page, under Device Management

  2. Click on a device Serial Number to open its details

  3. On the top-left of the page, click on Force Sync button right next to device name

  4. The device will fetch the new changes from server

If the problem still persists then:

  1. Click on the settings icon at the top right corner of your Android device to open kiosk settings

  2. Choose Google's Device Policy, this will take you to the details screen

  3. Click on the Sync icon, the device will sync all the changes with the CubiLock console

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