WiFi Networks

Wi-Fi networks can be pre-configured in the CubiLock console and referenced in a profile, so that they apply automatically to all devices enrolled into that profile.

To Configure Wi-Fi Networks in Your CubiLock Console:

From your CubiLock console:

  1. Go to the Wi-Fi Networks tab, under Configuration.

  2. Click on the Create button, and give your network a name.

  3. Enter the Wi-Fi configuration details, such as Name, SSID, Security protocol, Password.

  4. Tick the Auto-connect checkbox to let your device automatically connect to wifi after the enrolment.

Note: CubiLock support these 3 Wi-Fi security protocols:

  • None: for open network, which requires no password




To Select a Configured Wi-Fi Network For Use in a Profile:

From your CubiLock console:

  1. Go to the Profile Management tab

  2. Click on the profile on which you wish to add your Wi-Fi network

  3. Go to the Configuration tab of your profile

  4. In the Wi-Fi Networks section, simply add the Wi-Fi network by clicking on the button Add

Note: You can modify at all times the Wi-Fi configurations, and changes will be automatically reflected on your enrolled devices.

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