Policy Enforcement Settings

Use Policy Enforcement Rules to set custom actions for any top-level policy violation. Each rule contains the name of the policy setting (settingName), and must specify the number of days a device or work profile can remain out of compliance with the setting before it's blocked (blockAfterDays) and then wiped (wipeAfterDays).

  • If a device or work profile fails to comply with any of the policy settings, Android Device Policy immediately blocks usage of the device or work profile by default.

  • If the device or work profile remains incompliant after 10 days, Android Device Policy will factory-reset the device or delete the work profile.

Best practices for custom compliance rules

  • blockAfterDays and wipeAfterDays should be set to no greater than 30.

  • wipeAfterDays must be greater than blockAfterDays.

  • To block device or work profile usage immediately, set blockAfterDays to 0.

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