Release Notes

2021-08-31 (v1.1.0)


  • Launched separate app for Call Barring

  • Launched separate app for File Downloading

  • Launched separate app for About

  • Added support for Setup Actions

  • Added support to launch any app from CubiLock console

  • Added support for never sleep mode (this will prevent device falling into sleep mode and is only applicable on device supporting this mode)

  • Added support for re-enroll Android 10 device if mistakenly scanned the wrong QR code

  • Added support for clearing storage from app and console

  • Added support for clearing preference from app and console

  • Added ON/OFF details for WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data under settings

  • Added open settings button on the syncing screen

  • Added support for version check for each app (this will show a dialog and will ask user to update that app if it is required from CubiLock console)

  • Added support to sync changes of any particular device from CubiLock console

  • Added device reboot time in device details

  • Added default wallpaper for CubiLock

  • Added IMEI and other details in CubiLock's about screen

  • Added details for each item in CubiLock settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed home button causing the white screen to show up

  • Fixed empty wallpaper issue

  • Fixed app visibility issue

  • UI improvements

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