Untrusted Apps Policy

Untrusted apps policy defines the scale in which user is allowed to install apps. Following are allowed scopes:

  • Unspecified: Unspecified. Defaults to "Disallow install"

  • Disallow install: Prevent users from installing apps on their own.

  • Allow install in personal profile only: Allows users to install apps on their personal profile only, this is useful for BYOD mode as user is free to install apps in their environment while keeping your enterprise environment safe.

  • Allow install device wide: Allows users to install apps globally on their device.

To Set Untrusted Apps Policy:

From your CubiLock console:

  1. Once you have logged in, head over to Device Profiles page.

  2. Click on the context menu next to the profile you want to edit and click Update Profile to open profile in edit mode.

  3. Navigate to Privacy Settings.

  4. From Untrusted Apps Policy set configuration to your preference.

  5. Hit Save and Confirm to save changes.

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