CubiLock Kiosk Application

CubiLock Kiosk App provides our users with a customisable home screen, broadcast messages and a helpful about screen for viewing app status along with other features.

1. Welcome

After enrolment is finished, welcome screen is the first screen our users are greeted with. From here user has to complete one time registration in order to proceed.
Greeting screen
One time sync of configurations
After everything is synced, user can move to home screen

2. Home Screen

CubiLock home screen is where all your enabled apps reside. This allows users to launch apps and keep track of what is enabled by their administrator. The wallpaper, logo and colours are all customisable from CubiLock console for theming it to your enterprise's branding.
Home screen with 3 apps per row
Apps per row is also customisable as per the need of our users

3. Broadcast Messages

CubiLock Kiosk App provides enterprise admins to send remote messages to specific users, users based on profile or all users with ease so long as the supported users have CubiLock Kiosk App installed.
Example of a Broadcast Message

4. Settings

CubiLock Kiosk Application allows user to access some of the device's most common used features such as torch, auto brightness, screen brightness, screen timeout, auto rotate and screen orientation from Settings. Settings is accessible from Home Screen by clicking on the gear icon.
Some of the device specific settings accessible from Settings
Screen timeout
Screen orientation
About, Force Sync and Exit Policy are also located in Settings

5. About

About screen of CubiLock Kiosk App provides user with information regarding which profile they are enrolled in, when was their device synced, force sync and exit profile options along with a detailed status of the CubiLock Kiosk App.

6. Force Sync Policy

CubiLock Kiosk Application can auto sync policy but if user ever finds himself in the position to update the policy themselves they can quickly do so from the Settings in one simple tap.
Force syncing policy

7. Exit Profile

CubiLock Kiosk Application allows special users to exit Kiosk app and continue using their phone in a slightly less restricted method. This is done by providing users an exit code for the profile which they can enter using the CubiLock Kiosk Application from either the menu on Home screen or exit option available in About screen.
Exit accessible from menu from Settings
Enter the pass code to exit