System Apps

How to Whitelist System Apps?

A system application is a native application which comes built-in with shipped devices. Using the CubiLock console, you can approve which system apps you want to whitelist for use in your profiles.

The approval of system apps is done after first enrolment of a device model. Once you have enrolled a device, your CubiLock console will keep in memory the system apps of the enrolled model, even if you un-enrol all of your devices.

To Approve System Apps for Enterprise:

From your CubiLock dashboard:

  1. Head over to the System Apps page, under Application Management

  2. Search for the device model (of which you want to manage the system apps) from the dropdown menu. If your device model does not appear, please enrol your device with any profile.

  3. The systems apps of the selected device model will appear

  4. Select one or more System Apps

  5. Click Add

  6. The selected system applications are now approved for use in your profiles

  7. You can now add them into your profile from Edit Device Profile page

Once approved, the System Apps will appear in your Enterprise Apps page.

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